Every night beginning with the 3rd, there will be an increasing number of wolves, bears and other creatures invading the village. They will begin their attack at a random plot at the edge of the map and move in a straight line towards the opposite end. Whatever they meet on their way gets attacked.

The damage by creatures is expressed in building material, so a damage of 3 means repairing it will cost 3 wood or stone. It also means a fence would be utterly destroyed. Every building is destroyed when the damage to it is equal or larger than the construction cost. Destroyed buildings leave behind ruins that can be cleared with the "Clear Ruin" action.

Creatures also damage fields that they walk through, reducing the harvest, typically by 1 point each time. If the harvest is reduced to zero, the field is destroyed, but can be replanted. If not replanted, it will revert to an empty plot on the next turn.

CreatureDescriptionEarliest DayFields DamageWood DamageStone Damage
Foxes The smallest and weakest animals, they treat lightly on fields and are unable to damage stone walls or buildings, but they dig and scratch at wood. Since they are small, they will not attack humans, but they can pass through fences and you need a proper wall to stop them. They also sneak around kennels. They are said to be attracted to henhouses. 3 -1-
Wolves The most common animals, they hunt in packs and will generally spawn at the same edge and move in the same direction. Wolves can not damage stone walls or buildings. 4 11-
Boars Wild boars are aggressive creatures, but they are not meat eaters. While they can do considerable damage, especially to fields that they tend to dig up, they will not eat peasants or chickens (they move around henhouses). 6 211
Bears They are solitary animals and several bears will typically come from different directions. Bears do considerable damage and can tear down a fence in one strike. They can also continue after destroying an obstacle and hit a second one (doing less damage). 10 121
Monsters Other creatures roam the forest, so dangerous that nobody who has seen them is alive to tell about them. The peasants call them monsters or demons or night terrors. They will also continue after destroying an obstacle, and can break through several (doing less and less damage). 15 132
Others There are also rumours of even worse creatures. Nightmares. Hellspawn. Dragons. Probably it is all nonsense. If you survive beyond day 25 you might find out. 25 ???

Peasants sleeping inside a house can be dragged out and eaten by creatures. This happens always when the house is destroyed - the creature destroying the house and any additional creatures following it will eat one peasant each. When a house gets damaged, there is also a chance that a peasant inside is eaten. This depends on the damage to the house. The more damaged the house (after the attack), the higher the chance.

Forest Activity

The forest is not at the same level of activity every day. The amount of creatures coming into the village varies, and comes in waves.

The exact timing varies by village and cannot be predicted beforehand, but as an estimate, it follows a curve like this one:
Monster Activity

So there will be 3 peaks and 2 valleys. Understanding and adapting to the fluctuations in creature activity is vital to survival. Different strategies should be used for the more calm and the more active periods.

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